Reviews for "'DinoMelt'"

really great game

this game is sop cute and charming and fun incredible soundtrack and art just make this so freaking awesome 10/10 would play again, keep up the awesome work guys!

In short AMAZING, loved it, 10/10.

The art style is charming, and the game play is very responsive. There were a couple times that the frame rate bogged down a bit, but I think that that is mostly because my computer haha.

If you made this three times longer I would buy a copy on steam for $10-15 and then a few extra for friends and family.

Butzbo responds:

Thanks Malfluent!, Also, that last comment on scale is pretty good to know; I'm considering an expanded edition, so I'll be checking what would be enough for a version on Steam (or other game publishing platforms) :).

Great Game, its so funny, i really like the art, animation, sounds and gameplay, the map is interesting and have so many Shortcuts, the NPC are Charismatic, Good job i hope see the Pc version of this game :)

Butzbo responds:

Thanks! It's great that you mention the NPCs, those were thought of as a way to have little 'sidequests' in the final stages of development, and it's good to know they added some more to enrich game's story :).
Also, a potential upgrade of this game (for other platforms, PC being the most accesible) is being considered!

Great game! It took me 2 hours 45 mins to complete and i got 63% collected. I just know that crying baby bird had something to do with another place to unlock but couldn't figure out what. The controls were very good too, I used my Super Nintendo usb controller to play and the buttons and joypad worked perfectly! I also liked how as you went farther the dino got new moves like the melt and the wings. They really lent to going back to previous areas and reaching clay balls and goodies you didn't know were there. I was literally squishing him flat all over randomly just to check i didn't miss any of those hidden walls and tunnels haha. The other thing that was just amazing to me was the sheer level of details taken to animations in the game. Literally everything moves and reacts to touch from the dino. And there is a lot of care taken into the stuff people don't notice right away like the floating dust in the air and the goop in the clay puddles and the bugs that scale walls. I liked all the Boss fights and I was actually GLAD to have them be hard like old-school games were. No beating a boss on the first shot! The last boss was my favorite because once you got his attacks down you could squish, jump and wing jump just to avoid everything. The only issue I encountered was when you talk to the frog buddy and he sells you new ability for clay balls the select arrow would not go left or right when using the joypad I had to select them with the keyboard. Overall a professional game that look like it came from an established indie studio and you realize....HOLY MOLY this whole thing was drawn, animated and programmed by ONE MAN?!? That's a huge achievement dude, congrats!

Butzbo responds:

Great to know you could go through the whole game, and also that you mentioned those animation details! (maybe the stuff animators notice, heheh!). I did get help with the music, though, which was fundamental for the ambientation ;)

Hmm, that shop selection issue could be related to alternative gamepads, at least you were able to get around it, but I'll be looking that up!

Thanks a lot Comick!!