Reviews for "The Crucifixion of Jesus"

A bit too much swearing from the son of God but very nice work.

Muhammed is next or are you afraid? Or is it only Christianity that can be ridiculed? What about Jews?

Twin-Tales responds:

Thank you! Hehe, we don't really know that much about Muhammed to make a parody. We felt Jesus would be more fun because you hear his story all the time when growing up, atleast we used to. The priest here is actually a Jew!

That piece of sh*t
So wonderful beer upcoming, next to bets and horse races. o /''

Nice. I just don't understand that if this really happened, how Jesus just couldn't actually use his powers to just.. free himself.

I mean.. God can give a stick the power to divide a sea. What, like.. Did he only give Jesus the ability to change water into wine and walk on water?

Twin-Tales responds:


"just two words, 'abra-cadabra, bitch!"

just no