Reviews for "The Crucifixion of Jesus"


I Came from a liberal-ish Christian Background and I Gotta Say, I Kinda Like This

Kinda reminds me of Wil Vinton studios, specifically some of the more adult cartoons like Celebrity Deathmatch.

It's not what Jesus would do, it would not be in his demeanor, but that's the point I think.

I like to think this scenario would happen if George Carlin was God, because reminds of a segment of a rant he did about snitches. The clip is on youtube and it's called "Everyone's a Rat."

"You Know What Jesus shoulda done? He shoulda beat the shit out of Judas! But he didn't, because he believed in all that love bullshit. But get this, he didn't squeal on the Apostles! We should all learn something from Jesus."

I found the Christians.
They're all over the comments. And don't understand comedy/parody.
How sad.

All in all though, I thought it was a funny little short. Gets it's point across quickly and is quirky. Loved the guy who kept saying "Cut 'es balls off!"
Great job!

This was in very bad taste. Your talents shouldn't be wasted on blasphemy. Zero stars.

In the name of God, son and holy whore this is AWSOME!