Reviews for "The Crucifixion of Jesus"

Ha, really well made and funny. The eyes are perfect.

Cut his balls off.. this made me laugh it's funny as hell

Honestly, it was one of the best clay-mations I've seen on the internet.
The lighting was spot on, every frame connected at a smooth pace, and the lip-syncing matched the dialogue without a doubt, so way to pay attention to detail!
One thing I'd consider working on is the timing between the jokes, or rather, the pace at which the characters respond to each other, as some scenes, while still beautifully animated, seemed to pause for about a half a second too long between quips. Again, just a small criticism for something that obviously had a lot of time and effort put into it. Please continue your contributions yo, 'cause shit like this keeps me coming back to the site.
Oh, and fuck all the pussied that complained about this "being too graphic" or "offensive"; it's a goddamn web cartoon about Jesus's crucifixion, what the fuck did they expect?

Nice and Sacrilegious! Boy if that didn't have a Monty Python feel to it... Outside of the cursing and swearing this was a twisted bit of cinema. its been a while since anyone did claymation. Now the thing with Jesus peeling himself off the cross... Are you also anticipating (highly) the release of Iron Sky 2: the Coming Race?

Not my taste