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Reviews for "Hide"

Not sure if this is a bug but you get white lines and a grid when your on the road. Im using Firefox 51.0.1 64 bit on OSX if you need to know. Great game though, it was fun and enjoyable.

Interesting... but the spider detection mechanics could be changed.

Just finished the game without headphones.

Well I gotta say my headphones are not the best so I couldn't hear the spider's steps at all...So instead of hearing only that sudden death sound when the spider gets you, I decided to turn it completely off and let my other senses work (eyes).

Also I am not sure if I did something wrong or found an easy way to beat the game but I found a FULL jerrycan. From what I understood the whole plot was to find an emtpy jerrycan and fill it with gas so we can get the car moving... So after finding Larry and putting the password on PC I was trying to use the FULL JERRYCAN on the gas pump but kept saying" You need to find a jerrycan" and I was like "Thats a jerrycan too bro, duh!"and thought it was some kind of bug until I guessed that maybe I should use it on the car first to make it empty lol (dont ask me how I thought of this), so I did and that's it... the game finished! Then I understood it must be a special item like easter egg. I won't write where I found it so I don't ruin the game to guys who haven't finished it yet but if you want me to tell you , PM me!

Generally it was a nice and really well made game,not that scary until you get used to the spider. It depends on how much surprised you get when the spider gets you out of nowhere. But I got to say I was expecting the spider not to hear me since it supposed to have no ears :O I will give it 4.5 stars because I would really want louder spider steps but really enjoyed it! Good job!

Vyntershtoff responds:

Hi MutantMB! Thank you for the review!
This jerrycan is indeed a secret item (but not so well hidden as i hoped it would be :) )
I guess the righ decision would be to add a volume settings cause i honestly thought to make spider steps even more quiet at first! :)

...cool, but I totally wanted to kill Shelob with Sting. Can we?

Vyntershtoff responds:

Sorry my friend. Maybe in the next part)

Think I am lost in the forest trying to stay away from the grey spider.

Vyntershtoff responds:

It happens. That spider can be such a pain in the ass :)