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Reviews for "Hide"

Barely functional. It runs at about 5 FPS and a grid is clearly visible on the ground, a leftover artifact from whatever engine was used to make this game. In spite of its problems I managed to play until the first death, which didn't involve any sort of animation or creature. Just a hard cut to black. Also, the game's text is poorly written and full of grammatical and syntactical errors.

I strongly suggest you resubmit this content after properly finishing it. As I have no earthly idea how this has any good reviews or front page awards... Unless it's another "prank" game.

Good game. Hope it gets different levels and maps later. It's really eerie not seeing around you too well. I actually jumped when I was trying to hide on the other side of the building from the thing and it came out of the building and got me. Hope to see more of this kind of stuff out.

If only humans had developed the capability to carry TWO things at the same time.

Oh well, this is why the giant spiders took over the Earth. ;D

Awesome! This game made me jump and almost scream when that thing came after me! Awesome work! I love the atmosphere, you made a 2D game scary, that's very hard considering it's from a birds eye view(sort of). The game can be improved, with the spider having footsteps and more accurate detection.

This seems like it's on the verge of being something really interesting- it could be expanded into a really good game if improved. It seems like it was meant to be longer too cos most of the objects have no use for now.

Atm it has some big problems spoiling it. Enemies can go straight thru walls, and they sometimes get you while you're hiding. So many times I died cos I was in a corner of a map or inside a building where there was nowhere to go. They're also so much much faster than you, and because headphones only have 2 directions (left&right) & map has 4, it can be impossible to tell where enemies are - So the best tactic ends up being to just keep waiting where you are whenever there's any noise at all till it fades, instead of really paying attention to direction etc.