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Reviews for "Hide"

Good sense to make this game. Really. Good atmoshpere, music. But first improve some basic mechanic and the bugs.
First if you rush to spider, it doesnt kill you and even lost interest.
THe second is spider AI. At some point spider going to break the wall to catch me, when he has a door open.
Next is his pernament see. Really i feel every time he know where im and wanna bite me, even when i i use everything to keep him farthest from me.
I feel i dont have luck here but well i try 10 times to beat this stupid spider. Last you dont need HP to win. You can still see him. IF you try make his model more.... cloaked it will be nice. 3/5 i think is fair score. :) make the game more scariest than now

Vyntershtoff responds:

Thank you for the review!
I'll try to dig into AI and find what caused your bugs.
"IF you try make his model more.... cloaked it will be nice" Thought about it but I think too many people would hate me for making this game even more difficult :)

Welp, that was a pretty good game. What's scary isn't the monster itself, (Even if the idea of getting hunted down by a giant spider who wants to devour you and lay eggs in your corpse isn't very pleasant) but how much you can get paranoic knowing there's something in the mist hunting you. Good job Vyntershtoff!

Vyntershtoff responds:

Thank you!
That's exaxtly what i wanted the player to feel!

It feels and controls like an actual professional horror game by a real professional game developer.
It really gave me Inside, Limbo, and FNAF4 vibes during my playthrough. There were little to no glitches/bugs to speak of, the rich, deep audio combined with the smoothness of the game itself as well as the macabre sense of feeling that you are being watched is INCREDIBLY amazing. It was an extremely memorable, and enjoying experience through and through.

If this wasn't a free game, I'd buy with no regrets. And that's coming from a cheapskate like me. If you were to make another game similar, or better yet, unique and smooth as this that were longer, and more story-based, I'd support it. 100% Keep it up Vyntershtoff! And know that you earned yourself a new fan!

P.S: I beat it without headphones (albeit with a larger speaker and over 50 tries)! TAKE THAT BALTIMORE!

Vyntershtoff responds:

Oh stop it, you :) You're too kind.
I'm very glad you enjoyed the game!
P.S.: We have a badass here :)

wait whatin the worrld is the knife for

Vyntershtoff responds:

It's there in case you got the jerrycan but stil don't know the password.

Hoo boy this one got me good! Sometimes I think I was maybe a wee bit too paranoid, but I got there in the end!

This was a great game full of atmosphere, loved it!

Oh, and if you wanna laugh at me being scared poopless, feel free! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJu_Kz6oN_g

Vyntershtoff responds:

Thanks for making the review, Mikey! I'm glad you enjoyed the game!
I had a lot of fun watching your video :)