Reviews for "Carol of the Bells (Metalized)"

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I know a lot of people would say that the August Burns Red version is better, and I think so too. But for just one dude, this stuff is badass! Just because there's another version that is more popular and stuff, people shouldn't be comparing and stuff man, all that counts is that you made something hardcore YOURSELF. I personally prefer this one next to the ABR version, just because of it's awesomeness. Stay Bro.Otal!

Not bad

Not too bad and I'm a country person and I think its nice but I cant here what I think is carol of the bells maybe look at david fosters version and makee one from that


A lot of times you have just bass pedals. Could've done a bit more with em. Probably some lower tones. Besides tha you did very well ^_^


Having read your comments, I understand some things like the guitars (they very digital sounding, at least the crunch rhythm is) but overall, you've got some good taste and good fingerwork going on in here.
I haven't listened to your newer version, but I would definitely suggest sort of giving the song a wider feel. Like, have some deep rhythm guitars going on at the same time as the harmonized leads.
It was pretty good overall, though

KitsuMech responds:

Yeah you should totally check out the "newer" one now. I can't believe these songs are so old. lol.

Sort of Good

its alright but August Buns Red a band has a song its more bad ass than this its called ( carol of the bells by august burns red ) you guys might want to check it out

KitsuMech responds:

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