Reviews for "Carol of the Bells (Metalized)"

august burns red

did a semi heavy version of this

but i still love it

Holy Crap!

You make cristmas actuly cool with this. so gonna play next time it comes around!

KitsuMech responds:

You should hear the one I made a year ago. It stomps the crap out of this one. Ding! Zoom!

to the review below

yes tis does sound alot like TSO but listen closer and you don't hear an orcastra in the background like TSO. to the auther this is awesome work what do you use to record?

KitsuMech responds:

I did this one about two years ago. I have a newer and more up-to-date one on here. It's much better.

When I recorded this I was using a little Crate 15 watt amp, on a B.C. Rich Bronze Warlock. I was recording in Guitar Tracks Pro 3 and Accoustica Beatcraft. All on line-in.

Now I am still using Guitar Tracks, but I've moved onto FL Studio for the drumtracks, I have a Behringer 2x60Watt amp, and an Ibanez RG220.

wait what?

i heard this in the radio today,
but better,
meaning that you copied the music.

im not saying you stealed it,
but you did plagiarism.

KitsuMech responds:

I'm offended.

It's the Carol of the Bells and I added a rock/metal element to it.

I did not know of TSO when I made this.

I understand that it sounds a lot alike, even I notice that, and was amazed at how close they are.

But by your logic, TSO "did plagiarism".

And any band that does any cover of a song adding their own element to it, would have "stealed" it.

Sorry if I didn't cite my sources and footnote my music. I never claimed that Carol of the Bells was my own creation, only the way I conveyed the original song.

You my friend.... are a beast.

Dear God, I wish I could play guitar like that. I play piano, and I can barely play Carol of Bells, and it sounds alright, but on guitar? Woah. This is wicked.