Reviews for "Carol of the Bells (Metalized)"


Now thats a jolly ass jingle of a metal christmas tune ya got there.I like all the different guitar parts that kept commin in on top of each other.Great job.Keep Rockin man!!

KitsuMech responds:

This is by far the best piece I have gotten out there, the hardest part to get together was that epic ending though. I didn't know how everyone else was gonna think of it, but I guess there haven't been many who didn't like it =)

Thanks for the review ~

Pretty kickass

I liked this alot. Great job, man. Added to my "metal Christmas" C.D.

Rock on.\m/

KitsuMech responds:

Oh, wow, I'm being burned to a CD...

Thats better than a 5/5!

Thanks a lot! I'm surprised at how much everyone seems to like this! XD

Not bad at all

I was thinking about covering this as well. The guitars were good you played everything pretty damn well. The clean guitars could have used some more reverb as well as the distorted ones. Overall though you did a good job with the tune. I love Trans-Siberian Orchestra. Keep it up man.

KitsuMech responds:

I got to playing around with the EQ on the drums like you said to, and I would say it worked out great.

Thanks for the tips, they really helped out ^^d

im doing a carol of bells remix to!

this is cool! i like it alot but it sounds nothing like mine with may be done in a fre days/ it is cool tho. i liked the kick drum. timing could use a but touching up!

KitsuMech responds:

I would love to hear your version, to see the different ways people can take this jingle. Drop me a line when you get it done please =)


this is great shit dude

keep up all the good work

KitsuMech responds:

Thanks you, I most certainly will.

I've come a long way and I only plan on bringing better and better stuff here.