Reviews for "Carol of the Bells (Metalized)"


I allways wondered what it sonds like to fuse grunge and metal and i think you did even if you did not mean to!!( because the ruff guitar)

sounds good


ummm... the guitar was too rough, making the sound like its messed up, try playing it lightly, or you'll mess up the heavy metal song. But still, in the middle and the ending was pretty cool. And carol of the bells wouldnt be too exploded with instruments, since the original is simply played with a few instruments. I still like it though. Good job :D

Little rough..

A little rough, but it works out in the end.


I agree with "usedtobeemo"
Maybe more drums. :) LOVE TSO!!! I LOVE METAL SONGS!!! lol
Very very nice!!

Metal all the WAY!

Lovin this metal. Just mabye more drums. YEAH!