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Reviews for "Viewpoint - A Game of Perspective"

Very fun and creative with a simple yet challenging puzzles. Awesome job.

Nice game. To those who couldn't get past level friggen 3, in some puzzles, you have to move with the arrows, then move the puzzle, then repeat until you reach the square.

It's NOT a hard concept to grasp.

I really really enjoyed this game! It was incredibly unique and interesting as far as logic puzzles went. My one gripe was just that sometimes you could move through the grey and other times you couldn't, and when you could and couldn't could be a little finnicky, but aside from that, an absolute perfect game.

BryceSummer responds:

Hey thanks!

This takes perspective (a concept with which we are all familiar) and develops it into an immensely fun and truly challenging puzzle game.

I applaud your inventiveness and thank you for choosing Newgrounds as the website for its release.

Really good but some of the puzzles could have been solved faster with a different path that the games for some reason doesn't allow like in a certain perspective the cube should move but doesn't bc reasons?? Just a little pet peeve i got from playing a bit to level 18. It's fu but maybe some of the levels should be tweaked for those quicker solutions that should be able to work but the program of the level does not allow.

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks for the feedback!