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Reviews for "Viewpoint - A Game of Perspective"

Pretty amazing! Not completely original, but excellent execution. Challenging but pretty easy once you get the hang of it!

BryceSummer responds:

Thank you for the kind words :).

Great game, but I wish it were longer.

This is really cool and challenging, had me scratching my head a few times. The music was nice too, very chill...

This takes perspective (a concept with which we are all familiar) and develops it into an immensely fun and truly challenging puzzle game.

I applaud your inventiveness and thank you for choosing Newgrounds as the website for its release.

Very strong Echochrome vibes here as far as the "2D player in 3D space" shtick goes. I struggled a lot earlier on until I realized you could click and drag to adjust the angle - that helped a lot with respect to having spatial awareness of the level layout. After that it ends up being surprisingly similar to a sliding puzzle in that the player can move an arbitrary number of tiles along any axis provided that said axis is facing the camera.

Aside from the blue blocks it can sometimes feel weird when this happens; for instance, it seems like the player will snap to the surface closest to the camera, but it just feels so weird to see it happen, even if the logic is internally consistent. It means the game tends to follow its own logic (which is better than no logic at all, but still a bit more frustrating than being able to use your own intuition.) Actually, I'm not sure this IS how snapping works; on 16 I tried to move the player onto the green tile, only for the player to stay on its own axis even though the green tile was closer to the camera. Maybe the player only snaps if the tile it's moving to would be invalid along its current axis? I really wish the snapping were a bit more intuitive.

It would be nice if there were a compass and "this side up" indicator on the side of the screen. There were times when I wondered why I couldn't move a certain way until I realized I was telling the player either to walk off a ledge or climb a vertical surface.