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Reviews for "Viewpoint - A Game of Perspective"

I'm traped on levle 12 O3O

Man! THIS GAME IS SO AMAZING! For real,I LOVE with ALL MY HEART that type of game :) Its a cool game with an INCREDIBLE mechanic (engine) for real it´s the best game of that type! Very good job Bryce! You´re so creative! A Brazilian Review :)

I liked it, it gives an interesting take on puzzles and sort of screws with your mind as you try to figure out the puzzles. I enjoyed trying to figure out how to get by the levels and I think I can convince a few others that this is a good puzzle as well. I do like games that give a different perspective (Aye!!!) about how your supposed to go about things. I did find it somewhat short for myself, maybe its just me I dont know. Anyway, I do really like this game. Great work here.

A very fun yet hard game. Great job!

I originally found this game on Coolmath. Because of the subscriber thing, I couldn't play this at home. Now that I have found it on Newgrounds, not only can I play it at will, but I can write a review for it.
This is one of my favorite games of all time.
The mere concept of it is amazing.
It is the epitome of a good puzzle game. I congratulate you on the hard work that it must have taken in order to produce it. You took the idea of "Find a way to get to this spot" and flipped it on it's head. I couldn't make a game more clever and head turning than this. Thank you for making this work of art. -DoubleOK

BryceSummer responds:

Thanks! Reviews like this keep me going :).