Reviews for "Return to Earth"

Guy this is irritating! A as shot and S as dash? Man, i really did this a lot of times, pressed A trying to dash and died. wow. Well, together with this, i get stucked in walls a lot of times when dashing. Well, despite my hate for all this, the game is good, have potential to be a great game and be funny more then irritating. I like it :D

Cool game but not very intuitive with what each upgrade can do. For example, I wasn't sure that the dash could reflect projectiles until I was nearly done with the game. Also a few times I got stuck in a wall, had to rewind or jump my way into the top of the screen. Not sure what would happen if I did that in the higher areas of the map. I find that killing enemies wasn't very fun or rewarding with the somewhat boring design of the blaster, but I did have fun by dashing straight along the final boss'es stream of bullets and reflecting them all back into him.
On the plus side the dash and rewind mechanic is very fun and offers unique puzzle opportunities, some of which I saw here. Also the Metroid inspired level design is a welcome feature.

Decent game, not spectacular, but good potential.

Potential, but has problems...

The key combos are very touchy. It's too easy to lose dash mode and thus make rewinding impossible.

Also, you need to explore for exits, but some spots have the same charming design error as my old school; After hours, it was possible to leave a building via one-way (panic) doors, then be in a connecting corridor with only one-way doors leading into it, leaving you trapped 'till morning (or in this case, 'till save delete.)

As you design, you probably need to think about 'what if' people do not follow the 'ideal' path, and wind up in areas before they have the key items or skills you expect. Then make sure there is a ^path back to the starting room.

Has potential but as stated by others it is very glitchy. I kept getting stuck outside boundaries or in the walls.

Glichy but cool !