Reviews for "Return to Earth"

I can't even get the menu screen to work, I can't move in the selection menu and I'm instead greeted with a bunch of lag and so forth. Some improvement with Firefox browser compatibility could be helpful, is what I'm saying. Until then, I can't give a fair answer as to the actual gameplay.

Way too unoptimized on either Chrome or Firefox. Constantly lags whenever those fancy graphics such as the dash trail overwhelm the screen.

normal i don't like this kind of games, but this was good!

I liked the graphic style. The music is setting the mood. Level design is OK, but the character mechanic could improve, i didnĀ“t liked the fact that i kind like stopped when i shot.

Okay, this can be a great game. Fix the controls, maybe use z for shooting, x for dashing, and shift for rewinding imo. Also, I think it's been said, but, a few seconds after getting the dash power up, I got stuck in the walls. Another thing, correct me if I'm wrong, you can dash through enemies, right? I wasn't able to dash through enemies.