Reviews for "Return to Earth"

Avec la manette c'est vraiment génial! Super bon jeu!

Looks like if I would play it a lot if it would function properly.
The controls jam here and then, my guy runs into the next room,
can't stop him. Win7, FF here.
A promising little story and stunning pixels, like it a lot.
Make it happpen!

good metroidvania.

has some issues though. the shooting doesn't feel very tight or responsive. same for overall aerial movement.

screen transitions feel a little rough.

window size is way too small

some of the items/interactable elements are hard to distinguish due to art similarities with background environment.

i'd say the initial sense of player empowerment/progression needs to be reworked.

i still found the overall game/presentation to be good though. i had fun with it

RitchieRitual responds:

Thanks for the review, still looking to make big adjustments and improvements based on player feedback and it was very useful to me to hear your thoughts, thanks for playing and again, thanks for the feedback it is invaluable.

there is places that is impossible to back to other places(sorry my bad english)

Well made and detailed, however using the evasion suit you can glitch into the ceiling