Reviews for "Return to Earth"

Broke through the wall 5 minutes in. Glitchiest flash game I've ever played.

Great game!!!!! But it would be great if you could change the controls
in the options menu,otherwise great game!!!

Looking amazing! Amazing production values. This is Stage3D?

RitchieRitual responds:

It isn't stage3d unfortunately.

Definitely a good game though I have some ideas and thoughts on it.
- I've only come across one glitch and it was soon after getting the dash ability. I went to the left through the passage way and dashed upward to find myself stuck in the way. Dashing seemed to only make it worse.
- For the weapons you can buy, the randomization gets annoying, especially when you get a weapon twice that you really don't want (that's 100 coins down the drain). It would be cool if you could collect weapons and use the number keys to select them (or cycle through them with the E and Q keys or something). Maybe have some weapons that you can only get through finding them or pieces of them.
- Speaking of coins, because of this setup, I was considering just skipping opening up the metal boxes until later because they are the only source of health in the game (other than respawning) and leaving them there until I get more coins ensure that they won't be wasted if I happen to die in the game.
- You've added so much great art to the game, but you give the player very little interaction with the world; only a few metal boxes to destroy, some enemies in flowers, and some switches. The world is so cool looking. Try to think of ways to let the player be a part of it or to let them engross themselves in it. Maybe allow the player to examine specific things, have the ground or environment react to the player being near it sometimes (I noticed the rocks that glow when you are near them. That's cool), allow the player to do things with the broken electronics like destroy them or break lights. I know you've included some secret areas, but I'll address this later on.
- I like the puzzle aspect of reversing your position to solve the problem. Perhaps try taking this a little farther as I see more potential there. I wouldn't want the game to become solely about puzzle solving because it seems like exploration is, but a few more would really make the game better in my opinion.
- The enemy designs are cool, especially the bosses (even though the first one doesn't scare me, there is something very intimidating about its open mouth yelling at you). I think you'll need a few more enemy designs to keep the game from falling into monotony later on in the game. you also might want to look into new ways of introducing some enemies rather than having all of them come out of flowers except for the ugly charging one (it's annoying when I can see where the enemy is hiding, but can only attack it by luring it out. Still, I'm not sure how changing this would affect how many other gamers see the game as this could be seen as good by others). One thing in particular I'd like to suggest is to have areas where enemies are coming at you in rapid succession because the dash ability and time reversal would really aid in this being a fun experience for the player, being able to move out of the way of enemy attacks, reflect some attacks, and undo the damage done (for skilled players at least).
- Whenever there is a screen transition, it may look better to make the entire screen black than to leave the right side of the previous level there while it loads.
- Perhaps give the option for players to change the control setup in the menu.
- For me, the map really doesn't help much because it seems over simplified compared to actual game. When I go into a room, it feels like there are paths going off in all directions and it's hard to keep track of where I am at all or where I should be going (since you can't backtrack out of the first boss lair). This was just my experience though. One thing I would suggest would be to add the option to close the map after opening it up.
- The music is really good. Maybe two more tracks for the full version. A mute button might be good.
- So far, I've found two secret areas, minus the vent areas. Do you think you could slightly (like, extremely slightly) change the secret area entrances to make it so the observant player looking for them can find them. It could just be a pixel or two difference between other ones. Otherwise, you just have players placing bombs everywhere and waiting three seconds for them to explode. If that's the case, then the secrets really aren't worth looking for because they take up too much time waiting. It's already annoying enough having to wait for the bomb to go off to open up areas I have to go through (will the new bomb upgrade not only open up the rusty looking block paths, but also be faster?) I get that you don't want the bombs to go off instantly because then people would be spamming it like crazy.

This is a really cool game, especially for only being an alpha. I don't know if you plan on selling it or not, but if you do, can you possibly make it available on macbooks?

Good luck in your developing. This is going to be good!

RitchieRitual responds:

Wow thanks for such in depth feedback, I will take some serious time to go through and analyse all that you said, thanks very much.

This is a 4.5 star game. -1 star for all the quirky controller mechanics. Aside from that, it's really fun, I like the ambience, the graphics are great for 8-bit. I think if you could work out the bugs, you'd have a real winner here. Any plans to maybe make an emulator-target so folks could load it up on Raspberry Pi/RetroPi?

RitchieRitual responds:

Thanks for the feedback, I'm currently still working on it, making changes / improvements etc. The complete / finished version will be a .exe file if that is what you're asking?