Reviews for "Megan & Claus: Through Dimensions (V0.01)"

The art is great. I really like what the girl looks like. It I dont think you can really call it a point and click game. Its more of a 'click through the dialogue' game. I would love to see animations with this, rather than just pics but either way, the art is good enough to work for the game.
I would just suggest getting some sound and working on the 'game' elements. Otherwise, you could just call it a story that you need to click through.

Loving the art and the story, really looking forward to see where this is headed! Keep up, dude!

Pretty interesting, but I agree that body proportions are a bit inconsistent. Oh, English doesn't require there reversed esclamation and question mark at the beginning of a phrase

I'll be frank, while this isn't the best 18+ game here on newgrounds, it is still one of the creatively inclined ones that offer humor and actual story instead of straight out sex. Instead of making a tedious summary of what I think, here's a quick list instead.

1. Funny dialogue and interesting characters.
2. Creative direction on gameplay.
3. Seems fun, and has great potential to become something really great.

1. Inconsistent art quality and body proportions (have another look at the pirate blowjob scene and you'll get what I mean)
2. Eventhough its in Alpha, the least you could do before releasing it is to show us a little of how the game would have worked. So far everything was basically just dialogue.
3. I'm not sure inserting historical characters in this game would be a good idea. Let fantasy stay fantasy, ya know? But this is just a nitpcking preference on my part.

great artwork, only reason it didn't get 5 stars fro me is that it is incomplete. I can't wait to see future updates and the completed game.

also have more to do in the bedroom would be cool.