Reviews for "Megan & Claus: Through Dimensions (V0.01)"

This is a good start. I love the art! Can't wait for the animations. The story is good, too. It could use some bgm and I'd recommend getting a proofreader if possible. I understand English isn't your first language and your writing is understandable, as a text heavy game, I think getting the text to sound more natural would big benefit. I look forward to seeing more!

Pretty cool as far

Good concept and nice drawings,you have a nice story in your hands.
And is it just me or you are a big fan of HentaiCock's Aching Dreams? Cant stop seeing the resemblance.

Wow so good, it's almost like I drew it. ( ͡° ͜ ʖ ͡° )

Great so far, and it seems very promising. I'll definitely wait for more!