Reviews for "Megan & Claus: Through Dimensions (V0.01)"

Pretty interesting, but I agree that body proportions are a bit inconsistent. Oh, English doesn't require there reversed esclamation and question mark at the beginning of a phrase

It's good to see most of the reviewers here are treating this game fairly, since it's the first version, and a work in progress.

I do appreciate the different approach to plot. This is an adult game with a story and explanation to it, yet not with a premise you'd initially expect. The protagonist is traveling through a variety of encompassing worlds, which should make the environments and characters you encounter as interesting as they would be diverse.

I can tell English is not their first language, the reversed exclamation point was a clue, lol. Still, I've seen plenty of games made by bi-lingual creators, and their writing certainly succeeds here in delivering comedy in this brief introduction.

While some of it features need polishing and additions, such as music/sound effects, I am convinced the potential of this game is worth attention. At least BunnyHips is aiming for something unique here, that much is clear. And I strongly feel it's because of that attempt at something new, why others here aren't dismissing them as another generic adult game.

For the next release, even if they can't expand too much on the art, they can compensate by adding additional dialogue, sound effects, and music to the next update. This will give people a better idea of what we can expect from future updates of the game, such as the personalities of the main characters.

To conclude, it's getting a nice amount of views and fair reviews, they're even already getting support on Patreon. I hope to see more content from you in the near future, and thank you for sharing your game with us :)

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All I can say is refine the writing, add sounds, and keep on going

This is a good start. I love the art! Can't wait for the animations. The story is good, too. It could use some bgm and I'd recommend getting a proofreader if possible. I understand English isn't your first language and your writing is understandable, as a text heavy game, I think getting the text to sound more natural would big benefit. I look forward to seeing more!