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Reviews for "Adventure High Clean 0.34"

Buggy. I got into Val's mindscape, and then started out inside of a wall. I managed to get out of that one, but when I went to go after the first sigil I went one space above it, and appeared deep inside the walls of another floor with no way out.

HypnoChanger responds:

Sorry about that. I made a new sprite in this update and missed adjusting for the new size of the sprite on those floors. I thought I had fixed it last night but must still have the numbers slightly off. I will have a fix uploading in a few minutes.

The art needs a lot of work and detail. Especially the locations need more detail they look way too bland.
Now the plot is interesting and the gameplay was entertaining.
The ability to change your charters personality and their looks that was absolutely pure genius and make this game deserve 5/5.

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks, and yeah the backgrounds are pretty bad right now. I am trying to get the artwork updated as quickly as I can though.

How odd. I think this is literally the first dating sim I've found with medals. I wasn't good at it. I never was good at these games. Well, at least I tried. The animation was kind of awkward here.

The music was nice. A lot of the backgrounds looked off. You really had to go through a lot here. I'm glad it at least had variety. I'd recommend it to fans of the genre.

HypnoChanger responds:

Thanks. Yeah, unfortunately all the backgrounds are still my old, bad art. I have been working with some artists to update and replace the old art but have not yet gotten to replacing the backgrounds. Hoping to get them replaced as soon as I can though.

Hi, I am a supporter of this game and I want to see whether I can contribute to the game besides providing donation through patreon(I am just 18 right now, so I don't have a credit card to provide financial support to you)- maybe I can provide some ideas to you, like sth about the plot (especially the faculty control path- I damn love this path) the graphics (I can provide ideas about new characters or further development of the original character, such as Julia and Cassandra, I think there should be a route for them)

Please reply me if you are willing to let me share the opinions with you, so I can email you without making disturbance to you :)

HypnoChanger responds:

I'm open to suggestions; can't guarantee that any specific suggestion will fit into the game but I do try to read and consider them. I think the best way to help would probably be to report any bugs or strange story inconsistencies you happen to find so I can fix them quickly.

i HATE when i have no stamina left !

HypnoChanger responds:

You can get more stamina by using the rest command during battle, or by exiting the dungeon and re-entering at the latest sigil you've found.