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Reviews for "Adventure High Clean 0.34"

U arent rlly playing the ebf music? :D

HypnoChanger responds:

Yeah, it was released to public domain a while back on Commonly.cc


Only curious. Will there be both clean and dirty versions? Or just cleaner now?

HypnoChanger responds:

There will be both. The adult version is updated to the latest version as well, I kept the version number the same though in case changing it might mess with the saves.

I would like to report a bug, if you go down the good route and go fight Cassandra and use flirt you get the choose to use flirt on yourself or Cassandra neither of the choose work, so you have to reload but beside that, this game is really good so keep up the good work.

HypnoChanger responds:

Sorry about that. The spell should have a result for casting on yourself or the opponent. I'll double check the code to see what's wrong.

Is there a way to fast travel back to the school? If there is i'm a idiot for not finding out...

HypnoChanger responds:

In the menu that comes up when you press Enter, there is a return to room button, which sends you back to your bedroom from anywhere, including the dungeon. From there, you are just a couple clicks from the school.