Reviews for "Robot Jobs"

That was some solid animation, especially loved the mech transformation. Nice simple background tune almost like a black and white movie. Also great choice of ending, Some Robots may lack compassion.

antdung responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it! I was going for an old-school steamboat willie feel :)

A cute animation about cats working with robot cats,while the alive cats are stupid.
In the end,there are alien dogs and the alive cat saves the day?
Best animation ever.

antdung responds:

Thanks so much! I was afraid that it would be hard to understand, but I guess I did all right!

Goddammit this is adorable.

antdung responds:


Really good stuff. I love the old black and white cartoon feel. I hope those cats were girls because that back view was amazing.

The music goes well with the animation, with they,er danceing, movements, and actions.

Good animation.