Reviews for "Birthday 25"

Oh man, my year long project is totally going to be beaten out by this.
Darn you Yotam for being so talented.

So personal, honest, and beautiful as always! Through the years, I continue to become sadder and sadder. Slowly not giving a shit about anything and becoming a nihilistic person. These songs and animations are so fucking on-point with the concept of age, and how much it can fuck us all up with thoughts of doubt and dread.

The beginnings of age start to show more and more, but eh! You just gotta deal with that shit 'till ya dead! Amazing AMAZING shit, Yotam! What's the saddest about all of these, is that the more I age, the more I relate to these. You touched me deep in my peepee hole, Yotam. Don't forget that shit

Happy Birthday <3

Happy Birthday man! Glad you're still going with this series, though I can't really decide if this was a happy song or not, seems to be a bit of both, a... bit of melancholy? I got my melancholy one year later, and them symptoms too, they're BACK....related. Guess such are the ways of our sitting days, in this modern day slave trade where we tell ourselves that we're OK yay, living the dream and being free, but really we're just feeding other people's greed... (singable in same style as song above). Nicely animated; both entertaining and melodic as always, though parts of the song were a bit harder to hear than others.


yay happy 25th birthday!