Reviews for "Birthday 25"


I'm always flummox when I find that you've posted another installment of this series. My reaction to each one from Birthday 23 onward has been a consistent "wait, that means that it's been another year since the previous one ALREADY?" It seems like the existential quandaries that you express through these are mutually felt by the audience.

Also, this is just as brilliant as all of the others.

Our birthday's are pretty close (and same age) so whenever I caught Birthday 22 it felt pretty special. I am always delighted around this time to watch these. I also appreciate the effort that seems to go into these. The songs are nice, animation is wonderful, and I appreciate the look into what it bothering you. A lot of us probably feel the same around this age, or at least some what like this. I just wanted to offer my appreciation for these birthday animations.

The song is catchy, well-written, and amusing. The animation quality is also pretty high. I thought the vocals could've been a bit louder (it was hard to make them out over the guitar at times), but other than that nice work man. ;)

Been here since the first birthday vid and I feel a strong connection to you, oh internet stranger. I too am 25 years old. It feels strange, sad, and wonderful at the same time. Keep going, and making!