Reviews for "Birthday 25"

Cool song

So this was a cool song you have here some nice work here with the song and the visuals are really nice as it worked well with the song but overall I found this to be fun anyways hope you make more of these types of films they are pretty entertaining

Make more songs


Great music. It's a bop.

Worryingly enjoyable...

i like the song a lot

Yotam, your vids are great. I have a yearly ritual where every time a new Birthday video comes out, I watch every year's video and finish up with the newest one. I've been here watching since the early days of Nameless so many years ago, and obviously you have improved greatly in animation quality and everything over the years, all while being just as enjoyable to watch now as you were back in the early 2000's.
One part I really enjoy about these Birthday vids is that I'm only one year older than you so i like to relate, and I like to see how you've evolved as a person over time. There's a big mixture of happiness and sadness in these vids but overall it really seems like you don't know if you're truly happy or not (the subtle facial expression changes at key moments, etc). Being the same age, going through the same stuff, I can only say to continue doing what makes you the happiest, as long as it pays enough to live. You'll truly come out on top.
Keep up the great work my man.

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