Reviews for "Birthday 25"

It's great to acknowledge your birthday. I turned 26 awhile ago. I don't have enough money to really support you. I still appreciate this because of how personal it is. Did you make this song up? I guess after a certain age it doesn't really matter how old you are.

Those are actually some pretty encouraging words. Yes, I noticed these cartoons are indeed becoming more cynical. You get less offended as you get older. The dot eyes remind me of "Adventure Time". I know they've always looked like that, but I just thought of it now.

Happy birthday man, I love your work. Please keep doing what you love, whatever that is :D

Happy Birthday, Yotam!

Always love seeing your work pop up. You have your own style and vibe and it's a real pleasure to watch.

Hope to see many more things from you!

Great job & Happy Birthday, Yotam aka LazyMuffin.


Happy Birthday man!