Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"

Wow ;D

Thank you Whirlguy. Thank you.

20 Years of newgrounds and we got stuff like jerry eddsworld pico school and more

The Movie was really good. I loved all the references to the games on newgrounds. I also like how it showed people going into the portals and stuff. I also really liked the music. The menu is also really cool. I liked how Edd was in the theater.

The art was really cool to look at. I liked the menu for it too.

The Game place was cool. The first thing I did was click on Steven. I liked how you could mess around with the hand pushing the buttons on the arcade machine. I liked to make the hand spazz out.

After the Game room I went to the story room and thats when I noticed you can click on all the characters.

I have to say this is really cool.

where this? hank