Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"


When I was eight or so, my mom would always let me use her computer to play games. Little did she know that I was always visiting newgrounds! I always used to play games like newgrounds rumble and Madness retaliation. Now that I'm 14, the nostalgia is at a high. I must say that this is very well done and you should definitely keep up the great work!

I knew this site was old as hell.

this was truly amazing so much inspiration and very different perspectives all in one collab nicely done video so many years that ive been before i even made an account so much puberty cringe but damn still love newgrounds

I think this is amazing,but I have one question, WHERE THE HECK IS KIRBOPHER!? I mean it's great to see all of these people but Kirb was just as much of a influence to web animation as everyone here