Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"

Sorry guys
i cried
really the best site ever
continue like this guys

This made me cry a lot. This had a lot of hard work put into it. I was surprised to see Edd Gould.

may not have been a member back then but I was a guest. it was fun. glad to see the only thing that really changed was the layout of the website. old games are still here, and we got new ones. its all great.

I just hoped for a little more, but in the end, there was already more than enough nostalgia and greatness.

dude this straight made me cry. i was 8 or 9 when i made my account here and.... oh man i just hope this site never dies, there's so much great content that's been posted here over the years, and the creativity it nurtures is astounding. like. fuck. dude I'm crying over here. obviously the amount i've came on here has dwindled over time, but to come back and see something like this. man oh man, i'm hoping for 100 years of newgrounds. for real newgrounds forever. (s/o to junkyardanimations for still existing and being apart of this too, I still regularly go back to 'twelve inchers' and straight scream the lyrics to perfect day @ the end)