Reviews for "NG's 20th Anniversary Collab"

Im very psyched to have been able to contribute to a project of such grand proportions.

The nostalgia is killing me... I think I'm dead. Now writing this review from Newgrounds' heaven. Good work. The most awesome thing on Newgrounds, because it reminds me of all the awesome things on Newgrounds. I've been playing these weird games and watching these weird movies for a long time and you guys paid them, the artists, and the entire site a great tribute. I especially love the the idea of the figurines with links to some pure classics and even a couple things I somehow managed to miss over the years. Great job all around.

PS. Send Ice. It's really fucking hot in heaven.

not sure what to say i guess just congrats i think my favorite thing about newgrounds is the sillyness like that movie had alot of littel silly things. alot of great games on this website aswell. i think my favorite characther would have to be hank since he is a part of the madness thing wish i absolutely love. and he always does awsome things in those madness videos. alot of diffrent types of art styles aswell.

funny thing to me is new grounds is about 2 months older than me. but these characters (yes even zone tan) have become a major part of my internet experiance and one of the best things for cheering me up. MAY NEWGROUNDS NEVER DIE AND CONTINUE THROUGHOUT THE AGES!