Reviews for "Level X [Techno Dream Trance]"

Just as good as new game! Even more variation in here. Way different from your usual, this series will be awesome! It's relaxing in a way, but not like new game. Full 5 stars, except the ending felt kind of abrupt.

you have truly done it again, because this was just awesome, i felt such a hype just from that intro! i just loved the speed and melody this song has!
Keep it up! ;)

Yay! Another great song again :D This reminds me of some old 8bit Pokemon battles XD I have a question: the "X" means the number 10 or is it a kind of a project? Also can you make more tutorials please? Thanks :)

I...I...am in awe I was astounded if this is what trance songs sound like I really need to listen to more because this song is a real piece of perfection

P.S. I know I'm kind of a suck up but this song is really good ;)

Great song! Reminds me a bit of API's Paradise on E remix