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Reviews for "Dreamt"

I'm stunned! I really wish to see more animations like these, but sadly they take a lot of time.
Speaking of which, how much time did that take you?
You mentioned the the facial proportions "aren't exactly accurate". I honestly don't see any of that o.O
But n***a the expressions were nailed perfectly. I think maybe moving things distract the eye from observing and seeing what's wrong with proportions rather than a still image.
I'm not one to completely judge the animation, because I myself am not such a great animator, at all lmfao
But I did read "Animator's Survival Kit" and I read about lots of things regarding some frames and that can be skipped and some images could last longer on more than one frame to give a more natural look? I guess?
One thing that looked odd to me is how she moved her hand down at 0:24
Idk her hand just looks a little small.

zephyo responds:

this took me 2 months :D lmao thank you. And oh that I wanted each frame to be different to get that "traditional" look, it takes really long tho. And ye the hand could be a bit bigger, thanks for pointing it out!

This is a visually-stunning work of art!

please do more asap. This was absolutely gorgeous and I would like to see more!

Looks...different and still nice.
I wonder, how well muffled Japanese talk could have fit under that music...like an echo.

That was certainly a gorgeous animation, makes me wonder that many young people have lot of talents, just made me wish I had more talent...
Anyways keep up the good work and can'r wait to see more of your work. :)