Reviews for "Dreamt"

If you chilled out and stopped trying to do well and make good things, your shit would be topper notch.

You threw a diamond among all the garbage of newgrounds, thanks.

Absolutely brilliant! Very well animated, I can tell it was heart-felt and was quite the process. However, to offer a bit of constructive criticism, the apple segment could use a little work. It was awkward in the sense that it appeared as though it simply fell from your/her mouth.

It's a long time since I don't see a real art here,ok other animations a good or very good but this one is marvelous,excellent! I'm not romantic but this small cartoon wake up feelings and you start to breath faster. Bug thanks for this masterpiece!

I'm stunned! I really wish to see more animations like these, but sadly they take a lot of time.
Speaking of which, how much time did that take you?
You mentioned the the facial proportions "aren't exactly accurate". I honestly don't see any of that o.O
But n***a the expressions were nailed perfectly. I think maybe moving things distract the eye from observing and seeing what's wrong with proportions rather than a still image.
I'm not one to completely judge the animation, because I myself am not such a great animator, at all lmfao
But I did read "Animator's Survival Kit" and I read about lots of things regarding some frames and that can be skipped and some images could last longer on more than one frame to give a more natural look? I guess?
One thing that looked odd to me is how she moved her hand down at 0:24
Idk her hand just looks a little small.

zephyo responds:

this took me 2 months :D lmao thank you. And oh that I wanted each frame to be different to get that "traditional" look, it takes really long tho. And ye the hand could be a bit bigger, thanks for pointing it out!