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Reviews for "Dreamt"

Your artwork gives my soul peace.
Truly moving and great color, I enjoy your work.

OMG! Is marvelous!

i hope you do more this is really beautiful :)

I LOVE IT! simple, chilling , sweat and it gives ya the friendly feeling!

and also it looked like it has alot of effort!

I don't do this often but here it goes:

The level of detail was adequate for the artistic task at hand and the effort you put into this meant the award for daily second place was well deserved. I get this strange feeling that your emphasis on color was inspired by artists on tumblr (i.e. colored lips cheeks, etc) which should not be a big deal, but perhaps the tumblr vibe didn't jive with me since it's been overused. Work on rendering objects like the violins at multiple angles to get the right perspective at multiple transitional angles like the ones found in the video and you should be good to go. The leaf's rendering was impeccable, but its timing and soundtrack cues were lacking. Keep practicing, your work is appreciated.

zephyo responds:

thanks for the advice! :) I don't use tumblr except for posting my art; it's a common concept, monochrome with a splash of one color. Can you elaborate on the angles? Were they inconsistent throughout the frames? And I'm not very good with sound, I just put some uncopyrighted music i found online lol.