Reviews for "BLISS (Part 2)"

It was great to see your style again! I know there were some differences. I appreciated the little things going on. It was great to see how heartwarming you made this. It is mostly the same as last time, so I didn't like it as much. It's always great to see a new perspective, of course.

You actually kind of remind me of HotDiggedyDemon. It's something about the main bully. I certainly felt bliss watching this. I hope everything goes fine for these guys. I feel so bad for them.

BryanV responds:

Thanks! Maybe the main bully kinda looks like Mickey the dick?

Wow realy its a cool animation and in a toon style man i realy like

Well animated

Driven story

Simple concept

Leaves you wonderint

i think it looks like the a creators of robot boy from cartoon network!

I was kind of annoyed watching this, it reminded me of A Clockwork Orange with its senseless bullying and violence. That's probably because of how shallow the characters are written, they have no motives, and even if motives are coming in the sequel that doesn't give the low-quality writing a pass here.

It sure looks good though, I'm sure you could sell this just based on screenshots if you wanted. Animation is smooth and characters are decently expressive, you can get a good sense of what's going on in their heads without any voice acting.

The reuse of clips was annoying too, next time I'd go with a recap or just plan better? Nice job overall.