Reviews for "BLISS (Part 2)"

Just glad to see those bullies were stopped, in the right way.
Now I'm really looking forward to part 3.

Soo good men Wooof :D

TL;DR: An awesome continuation from RoastedStix. Great use of 11 minutes of your time if you enjoyed -Joy-. (5/5)
Alright, animation and music use, top notch as per use from this awesome guy RoastedStix. +.25 for using a pup model that reminds me of my newborn pup Rocky.
Well, nothing I can add to make this a better short 10 minute film. (The only thing I could subtract Stars from would be the recycling of scenes but since you referred to those in the description I cannot).
So, I rewatched -Joy- to try and give this the fairest judgement possible, but I believe it would have mattered little, since both are great pieces of dramatic animation [that is a 5/5 for both].
And 10:30; no, Stix, Thank you, for making this.
5.25 / 5 I think that having over 100% in a film means you're maiking the right stuff in your animation Stix. Keep the good work flowing. Love Gabe,

First cartoon since "The Reward" that really made me feel something. I dunno, it just has a special touch to it. I can be an asshole and nitpick all the little errors in animation and say shit about the sounds. I can already see how much work you put into this fucking amazing toon. Kudos to you, continue creating. I`d love to see more from you.

Really great!
I love your character designs, and the entire presentation of the story was done fantastically.
The soundtrack also fit really well with everything, and the animation was really solid.