Reviews for "Runny Square"

This is when simple meets addicting and addicting meets HOLY COW I CAN'T STOP PLAYING. Apart from that a rather awesome idea for an addictive game! Well done man!

NeithR responds:

Thank you! :)

Nothing bad.

This game is pretty good, and PRETTY IMPOSSIBLE, it's almost impossible get 4 points.

The first time is very hard, but after your 1000th crash you will start to get better scores, and your eyes and hands will be burning.

NeithR responds:

1000th crash, I could only manage to get hundredth crash :D.

I would have never thought that such a simple and minimalist game would be so addicting and fun. People are saying that there could be a slight delay, and I get that, but I understand that sometimes nothing can be done about that.
Trust me, as soon as you start playing this game, you won't stop playing for a good while.
Awesome game! If this was an app, it would definitely be the new Flappy Bird.

NeithR responds:

I am sorry about the slight delay (- -), I have optimized my code before but still didn't work. This only happens if the game is played on browser. There is no lag when played on desktop (- -).

Also, thank you! :).

I can't help but feel like the game has a slight delayed reaction and it's killing me.

NeithR responds:

Sorry about the delay (- -). I have optimized the code but the game is still having delay only if played on browse.

Oh my god. Cant stop playing!Well done, man!Very good game but the difficulty is a bit too high.

NeithR responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)
I will reduce the difficulty in the next future game, especially I am planning to make a next Runny Square, but less difficulty, but variant mechanism :).