Reviews for "Runny Square"

I like these kind of simplistic games and it caught my attention.

However, there's a huge drawback which is the constant pop up of medals. They popped up so often while unexpectedly that it was hard not to be distracted by them. Every time I was happy to master another round, but sometimes it flashed, blinked, played a sound and hid the score, which was very annoying. Or is this part of the game?

NeithR responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)
Sorry for the distraction, it shouldn't do that.
I will update it in the future (especially after I publish a new game this week) so the popup will be appeared after the player crashed :).

Edit(9/9/2915): Done, the medal popup by getting the score has been changed. This time it will reward after crashed only. Once again, thank you for the feedback :).

Not too early, nor too late, but get a rhythm going and you just might beat this thing. I suggest making it go in a circle to nowhere, hahaha

NeithR responds:

Thanks for the tip!
Didn't know there was a rhythm strategy :D.

I give you two stars because your game works fine it's just to hard to get a decent score plus their is no nice background music.

NeithR responds:

Thank you for the feedback :).
I will consider to make it easier to get score and to add background music in the future game :).

Never has going in circles been so entertaining.

Well done!

NeithR responds:

Thank you! :)

Really Very Hard... but fun!

NeithR responds:

Thanks! :)