Reviews for "Runny Square"

It's like flappy bird got a contract with NASCAR. Well done, friend.

NeithR responds:

Yes, they finally merged, but to reduce the cost of the broken car, they decided to remove almost everything until a square :D.
Thanks! :)

I try to change directio and don't crash the wall but the square's speed while keep increasing.

I enjoyed this, because of how crazy it was. I admit that I had no idea how to play it at first. That may have been part of the design. I just love getting all those medals! I don't know what half of them are even for. Of course, it will be inevitable that I won't get the harder ones.

It really is an anti-game. It's still pretty playable. The design is better than the actual show. I'm always glad when someone makes something new. That's what you did.

NeithR responds:

Thanks for the feedback! :)

My game randomly lagging for some reason almost destroyed the experience

about medals, I'm not a fan of rewarding failure more than success.
if you're going to give a medal for failing, at least be it some amazing failure, at least like the 'crashing even before the start'

but 50 points for crashing 30 times? That was like 5 minutes of play

About the game, well, it's a simple arcade. Not much to expect. It's probably fun if it's not lagging

Very good pixel-based and tough game, still easier to play clockwise, depending on your screen orientation, thanks to Earth's rotation and Coriolis effect. Not even a small headache, thanks!

NeithR responds:

I didn't know physical science would help :D.