Reviews for "Gravity Driver 2"

Blatant ripoff of Speedx 3D and other similar games, with worse handling.

FilipeSheepwolf responds:

It's actually the first time I ever hear about such game...

Anyway, it's interesting how I tried to make something different. but It happens to resemble another game... and I'm accused of ripping of...

However, If I just make another regular "drive on the road" game (like the huge majority of games out there) then it's an OK game... :P

A very solid and addictive game.

FilipeSheepwolf responds:

Thank you ;)

This game is simple yet so addicting!

FilipeSheepwolf responds:

It wasn't simple to make it look like an actual 3D game :P
(Everything in this game is actually a mix of 2D images with lots of techniques to make it look 3D)

Thank you for the comment ;)

Amazing looking game, but a bit too challenging to begin with. Excellent work, though!

FilipeSheepwolf responds:

Thank you :)

honestly this is a favorite driving game for me. Love the music for everything and the sounds. They should make a console game with actual races for this. But ghosting for multiplayer so mo player crashes into another.