Reviews for "Gravity Driver 2"

I really like this concept, you don't see many games like this. I also enjoy the handling a lot, mostly when you drive at high speed and start doing powerslides :P

I like it. It's very addictive. It's simple and the controls are easy. It does remember of a racing game I played on the SNES years ago when I was a kid. All in all, good work.

The handling.

Is terrible.

The handling is so so terrible.

It's just.. the worst handling ever. If it was tighter with less skidding this would be a lot better.

Also the way you skid at the start is not cool or fun. It's incredibly ugly and annoying. It feels bad. You want to make game mechanics feel good.

Wow, this is really... not good.

Awesome game! Love the visuals and the handlig man! Dude, I even love the sound!!
Rotational obstacles is the coolest mode. Turning in the same direction as the barriers without hitting anything is awesome!