Reviews for "Gravity Driver 2"

This game has merit but, to me, is just an inferior adaptation of the classic Miniclip game called Pipe Riders.

Really, really good game! Only thing is, I think there should be a drift key, or at least a different key for the brake because "back arrow" is way to hard to reach. Maybe the space bar? Or you could just let the user decide. Otherwise, great game! Keep it up!!!

I love the Arcade feel to this game. I always wanted to Try again. Also I would press up to the count down lol. You feel like a bad ass playing this and even more so if some one is watching you play. The sound effects are perfect. I had fun playing it and fun is key to any game. Good job.

I like it, It's just that it was lagging for me (a lot). Even if it's on a low setting its still lags like crazy. (I could not get pass the 1st level at all until 6 tries later.) Also the controls are a bit odd and i feel like you should of had added more things and work in you game a little bit more. (Also love how the game checked my computer before it started the game, to see if my computer was slow or not)
Overall: Its an ok game! :)

It's a cool game, but I think it would be better off just picking a game mode and going on infinitely. The early levels are very short compared to the amount of time you're spending between menus and being reminded of the controls.