Reviews for "Gravity Driver 2"

Steering is a little tough for me

So I made a video review on this game, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OaNweg4Pjgc
In short, it's too easy, repetetive, pointless and there is no way to skip the tutorial.

sound, visual, atmosphere, challenge, fun, its all there

it just feels annoying spending as much time watching the screens for:
Mission Accomplished
Select stage,, tab tab tab tab space
*laser grid animation*
*animation showing stage new chalenge*
3... 2... 1...

then you actually play for 10 seconds and there you go back to the GUI loop, just add a button to the Mission Accomplished screen to load next stae directly, and a skip for each animation, or even the 321go, proferably all for the same key, like SPACE

Directed by Michael Bay!

Amazing game. I love the music. I wonder how you managed to get these graphics inside flash!!!

But the audio also got special attention. the sound effects are detailed and deep. The engine sound response is realistic.

The handling might be tricky at first. but now I realize you actually need to turn this fast, otherwise you would hit obstacles all the time. In other words, the handling fits perfectly and it just requires some skill, it's not an basic "turn left/turn right" game. the car actually "drifts" slightly if you turn too fast at high speeds (and releasing the throttle to make sharp turns is a nice touch)

I also noticed it's hard to try and create something different without having people comparing your work to something else.. You'll probably have more luck if you just stick to regular driving games :S (for some reason, people wont compare it anymore if it was done a million times)
But I still enjoy the fact you're trying to develop something unusual.