Reviews for "Straw Hat Samurai: Duels"

Unique fighting system with lots of interesting skills.

New player Quick Tips:
Use your stats on HP and Attack, so you don't die and can kill faster.
Get the skill Scavenger2 to relieve troubles from overloading by picking up weak items.
The Red Oni goes to sleep, watch it then run past it!
Click the "Stats" button in your player window to figure out the changes between stances.
Don't worry about elemental attacks on items until you are level 80.
Join an active clan like Aka Ryu (http://i.imgur.com/lOnaO1Z.gif)

Have Fun!

Tedious clicking and dialog. Also if you cant actually translate into a foreign language. Please dont show the option to do so. Your french translation is absolutely awfull.

lutc responds:

Please PM me which parts of the french translation are awful and we will get it fixed. Thanks.

Overall, it's a really good game. My only issues: when I went to an old area, all the quests reset. Also, my log in info does not work. When I return to NG and the load screen is done, I see the character I left off with but the login keeps telling me the user doesn't exist.

lutc responds:

You must have entered a wrong username. Just PMed you your username.

This game is really interesting and quite addictive. There are large battles between big clans recently. The league of Honoshinai and Midori Ken (green clan) vs Ki Sensu (yellow clan). The battle between Aka Ryu (red clan) and Aoi Hoiru (blue clan). Join these clans and make yourself famous in the battlefield.

You can check more info at these websites:

oh, I am a leaders in Ki Sensu. By any chance, if you decide to join Ki Sensu, the yellow clan. You can read more about Ki Sensu here: https://sites.google.com/site/kisensu/
Even if you don't want to join Ki Sensu and just curious about us. FEEL FREE !!!
I will update the website as much as I can when I have free time

Loot,loot,loot,booty,booty,assntits,swords,slowmo.New description alot better right?

lutc responds:

And don't forget more loot! If you are getting too much loot, get the Scavenging Level 2 Skill (under Survival Category) so that you can sell off unwanted loot the moment you get them.