Reviews for "Straw Hat Samurai: Duels"

The game is awesome ........ and as new players will soon come to realize there is an epic war being fought between Aka Ryu (red) and Aoi Hoiru (blue) ...... as one of the Leading war Generals of Blue Clan........ I request Brave New Semurai's to Join Aoi Hoiru(Blue Clan) ........PS beware of red oni .........this link may give u guys an insight of what Aoi Hoiru is all about : https://sites.google.com/site/aoihoiru/home

Addictive game. The best part is to play in war room and all the clan stuff. It should be improved to be even better. Anyway, 5 star from me.

And... join blue clan, Aoi Hoiru! It's the greatest atmosphere there.

Good idea, average execution. The white bar at the bottom of the screen is far too large, and has a negative impact upon the display screen. I assume this is a mistake however, so I shall be voting '5' to ensure the submission is not blammed.

lutc responds:

The bottom white bar is a friend list. As you add more friends in the game, it will fill up.

Awesome Game, Both skill based with good strategy and action and awesome art, an MMO that ISN'T actually P2W. Good Job!