Reviews for "Straw Hat Samurai: Duels"

Excellent work !
I loved Straw hat samurai it was a great game with great features,but this one...damn it's excellent !
The musics are really cool(too bad there's only 2 or 3 of theme).The gameplay is really cool,i would love to see the bow in an updapte.
The story is good,the caracters are good.The clan and the geo-political aspect is great.You even have a comic ! It's well drawn and well writen.
But the choices of dialogue we make need more repercussions,and the french translation is not always great.

Keep the excellent work.
I rate this game 5 ★.

If you read this message,are you working actually in the season 2 or are you going to add content first ?

This game is an incredible achievement. Watching everyone's replays of duels is great fun, and the depth of combat and strategy is impressive. The artwork and attention to detail in the design and sound, music etc. is all flawless.

Really, this may be the best game I've ever seen on Newgrounds in over 10+ years. I look forward to seeing it climb to the top of the best rated of all time and not just this month!

Its a really good game and the controls are pretty easy to control once u get the hang of it (:

Well, it's unique. Unfortunately, it's a little "too unique" if you're catching my drift. I'll just stick to ASD combat thank you.

I love this game so much!