Reviews for "Straw Hat Samurai: Duels"

This is a great game that builds on the previous Straw Hat Samurai mechanic.

Feel free to join us at the Aka Ryu (Red Dragon) clan, where we help each other enjoy the fight and answer any questions you may have.

@GamblerJustice: did you know you can abandon the bounty to keep the item? Just return to town to restart the bounty quest. That way, you keep the item and get the coins. The ever-elusive rings can also be obtained from bounty quests, occasionally.

kek, I'm supposed to return the blessed fiery sharp iron sword of piercing as proof for 24 lousy coins.

Nice game

Can someone please explain stances? Are they automatically enabled, can you only develop one?

lutc responds:

There are 3 stances. Light, balanced and heavy. Light beats heavy, balanced beats light, heavy beats balanced. You can choose to focus on one stance or you can spread out your skill points across all 3. It is up to you depending on your play-style.