Reviews for "The Gun Game: Redux"

Playing this game off and on since it was released. A lot of fun and finally finished the game unlocking the prestige mode today. Each gun had it's own ups and downs. I think the easiest gun out of all of them would have to be the AK-47. For some reason the target challenge for that one was way too easy. But overall, wonderful. Loved the first one as well.

Good game! some stuff are hard and stuff but a good game!

Good take on an old classic. I really enjoyed it and took the time to completely beat it. Will have to take a star however, because you guys already had the design and everything right in front of you, just needed to fix a few bugs and revamp the visuals.

Also no reloading is aids.

Simply great :). The amount of achievements kept me going and the steady supply of new guns and challenges made it worth playing.

Needs a reload button